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The Symptomato Team:
Anton Usov
Oncologist, thoracic surgeon, plastic surgeon

Experience — 17 years
Superpower — Oncology, Mammology, Thoracic surgery

Alexandra Doroshenko

Experience – 24 years.
Superpower – specializes in pain syndromes and extrapyramidal pathology.
Education – Perm State Myaeditsa Academy, kmn.
Host country – Bulgaria.
Hobbies, interests – oil painting, dancing, fishing.

Elena Pozharitskaya

Experience – 15 years.
Superpower – hepatology.
Education –  Hospital Therapy No. 2, Faculty of Medicine, Russian National Research Medical University named after. N. I. Pirogova, Pubmed, Medical Council.
Publications – Russian Medical Journal, Clinical perspectives of gastroenterology and hepatology, Collection of scientific works of the department.
Host country – Serbia.
Hobbies, interests – cycling, hiking.

Max Seradzin

Experience – 15 years.
Superpower – I specialize in pediatric oncology and endoscopy.
Education –  BSMU.
Host country –  USA.

Yulia Korzhenkova
Pediatrician, infectious disease specialist

Experience – 19 years.
Superpower – infectious diseases of childhood. I help keep children healthy and parents calm, without unnecessary medications and tests.
Education – graduated from the Ural State Medical Academy 1999-2005
Publications – I run an Instagram channel about children’s health.
Host country – Spain.
Hobbies, interests – I love cycling and road travel, reading and drawing.

Ekaterina Vyalova

Experience – 6 years.
Superpower – rehabilitation after injuries and operations. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pain during movement or after physical activity. Physician in physical therapy and sports medicine (physical therapy and sports medicine).
Education – Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after A.I. Evdokimova, Faculty of Medicine, 2015 Central State Medical Academy of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, residency in the specialty “Traumatology and Orthopedics”, 2017 Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine of the Moscow Department of Health, professional retraining in specialty “Therapeutic physical education and sports medicine” 2018 RehabTeam: Basic course in neuroorthopedics, 2022
Host country – Germany.
Hobbies, interests – I like to run, cook and read. I’m constantly learning something and riding my bike every day. I care not only about people, but also about the environment.

Mikhail Gilyarov

Experience – 30 years.
Superpower – emergency cardiology, heart failure, coronary heart disease.
Education – Moscow Medical Academy named after. I. M. Sechenova, Doctor of Medical Sciences.
Publications – more than 150 scientific publications, including in leading world journals.
Host country – Spain.
Lifestyle – worldview.

Natalya Kolesnikova
Pulmonologist, resuscitator

Experience – 20 years.
Superpower – asthma, COPD, nodules, lung tumors, interstitial lung diseases, chronic cough. Consultation of complex intensive care patients.
Education – residency in Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine UCLA/Cedars Sinai.
Host country – Russia and the USA.

Alexandra Botsina

Experience – 21 years.
Superpower – supporter of evidence-based medicine and certified botulinum therapist.
Education – graduated from the Russian State Medical University. For the last ten years, she has headed the best department in Moscow and one of the best in Russia for stroke patients at the City Clinical Hospital named after. Davidovsky. Supporter of evidence-based medicine and certified botulinum therapist.
Country of residence – Cyprus.
Hobbies, interests – in retirement, she dreamed of living in Sicily, but in her prime she ended up in Cyprus.

Mikhail Dodonov

Education  – graduated from the First Moscow State Medical University in 2007. Studied at MONIKI named after. M.F. Vladimirsky, specialty: surgery. He worked at the Central Regional Hospital as a surgeon, provided emergency surgical care. In 2012, he began studying and working at the Moscow Research Oncology Institute named after P. A. Herzen. After that, he continued to work at the Central Regional Hospital as an oncologist. He provided consulting services at City Clinical Hospital No. 24 in Moscow. Surgeon of the first category. Oncologist of the first category.
Country of residence – currently lives and works in the USA.

Tamara Vybornaya

Experience – 13 years.
Works at the Central Clinical Hospital “RZD-Medicine” as the head of the department.
Education– graduated from Moscow State Medical University.
Country of residence – Russia.
Hobbies, interests – likes to run in the mornings and stretch in the evenings. Doesn’t like rudeness and drops of Taufon.

Natalya Shipovskaya

Superpower – she worked in the hematology department of the Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital. In addition, she completed a master’s degree in psychology and pedagogy of education of gifted children at the Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University.
Education – graduated from the pediatric faculty of the Second Medical University, then completed a residency at the Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology.
Hobbies, interests – she loves animals, especially turkeys, and lives in their historical homeland in Ecuador. She is also a mother of two children and has many cats and dogs. She is a true friend to real Indians.

Alexander Antonov

Superpower – he dispels the myth that an anesthesiologist takes away years of life and memories from a patient during anesthesia.
Hobbies, interests – in addition, he loves to go with a tent to different remote places and is great at collecting first aid kits!

Anastasia Belous
Experience – worked at the Vishnevsky Hospital, then at Clinical Hospital No. 85 as the head of the endocrinology department.
Education – graduated from Yaroslavl State Medical University. As she admits: “A hundred years ago.”
Hobbies, interests – loves books, coffee and travel. She climbed Kilimanjaro. He hates wars.
We remind you that consultations from our specialists are given for informational purposes only and do not constitute a diagnosis or basis to prescribe treatment. A face-to-face consultation with a doctor is required, including to identify possible contraindications.